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February 2018


Music & Ministry Auditions

Noon - Noon

MVNU Chapel


ASAP (Accepted Student Admissions Party!)

1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

MVNU Ariel Arena


Slam Dunks & Slices

1:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

MVNU Main Campus


Clergy Kids Retreat

Noon - Noon

Sandusky, OH


MVNYou Day

8:50 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

MVNU Main Campus

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Career DevelopmentInternships

hands-on experience

Internships provide practical field experience with real employers, and help prepare students for their profession.

Without field experience, students cannot expect to compete effectively for professional opportunities after graduation. Internships typically last for a semester or a summer. Most students who participate in internships do so during their junior and senior years.

MVNU encourages all students to prepare for and acquire field experience related to their majors and career goals. Career Development is a vital resource for students interested in learning about, preparing for and participating in internship opportunities. While nearly all internships involve some degree of non-relevant or clerical tasks (as do most professional positions), they should also provide students with field-relevant, resume-building experience.

Some MVNU majors include field placements (coordinated by faculty) as a required component in the program of study. Other majors may provide academic credit for students who choose to participate in internships on their own. A career advisor can help you get answers about how the process will work for your major, and whether you can take an internship for credit. With or without academic credit, internships provide valuable resume-building experience.

Career Development does not "place" students with any employers, but guides them in the process of preparing for, searching, and locating internship opportunities. Students must take initiative and ownership in acquiring an internship, and are hired on by employers based solely on their own merits. Students who are not ready for taking on the responsibility of working as an intern will be advised on how to improve and develop themselves so they will provide a positive experience for employers associated with MVNU.

Students at all levels are encouraged to utilize MVNU CareerNet to browse current opportunities, and apply to appropriate internship positions (approved resumes are required to apply for positions). Internships can also be found through other internet search engines, employer websites, and career fairs. Visit the Job Search Resource page for more information and access to internship postings.

to schedule an appointment

740-397-9000, ext. 4618
Thorne Library/LRC, First Floor

Coordinator of Career development

Gary has a Masters in Counseling and has worked in career development since 1999. He has experience with traditional age college students, adults in transition and students in adult education. Gary advises students in all aspects of career development, and oversees career resources and programs at MVNU.